Drug Spend Analysis Technology

Easily track your pharmacy drug spend with our web-based analytics technology.

Gain insights into drug purchasing trends, make data-driven decisions and simplify reporting with our proprietary web-based drug spend analytics technology.


Drug spend reporting helps you keep control of costs

  • Data integration that connects purchasing and price changes
  • Clear insights to drive purchasing decisions and budget forecasting
  • Simple reporting that saves time and communicates with senior executives
  • Trend analysis for individual pharmacies and across health system facilities
  • Interactive graphing to easily visualize trends
  • Daily updates that capture key insights
  • Access to data for daily views of drug spend

Drug spend analytics lets you focus on patient care

Spend analytics decreases the time required to run and analyze drug spend reports, so you can focus on patient care. The resulting information can help you evaluate how to:

  • Contain drug spend
  • Reduce strain on pharmacy staff resources
  • Quickly identify drug spend trends
  • Easily identify and track clinical initiatives that reduce drug spend
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