McKesson Buyer's University: Comprehensive Pharmacy Buyer Training

Online training to help your pharmacy buyers increase knowledge, drive efficiency and develop the skills necessary to improve your pharmacy business.

Pharmacy buyer training is more important than ever


Introducing McKesson Buyer’s University™, an online training program designed to provide relevant and educational content for pharmacy buyers, inventory coordinators and pharmacy business managers. Buyer’s University is developed by professionals who understand the challenges involved with pharmacy purchasing and inventory management.

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Challenges facing health system pharmacies

A health system pharmacy's role continues to increase in complexity. Pharmacies are expected to reduce drug spend, improve supply chain efficiency, maximize reimbursements, improve profit through revenue initiatives, influence patient satisfaction measures and improve medication safety throughout the continuum of care.

As those in charge of purchasing and maintaining drug inventory, pharmacy buyers have a huge impact on your health system’s bottom line. They are responsible for millions of dollars in drug purchases while facing an evolving health care climate, regulatory changes, and shrinking margins.

How Buyer’s University can help improve your drug purchasing and inventory management process:

  • Courses are developed by experienced pharmacy professionals
  • On-demand learning management system; access anytime, anywhere
  • Modules are designed to be 20 minutes or less
  • Access to a McKesson RxO® subject-matter expert for questions related to a course topic
  • Offered at no cost to McKesson distribution customers

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