Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Reimbursement and Revenue Recovery Management

Identify and collect hidden revenue for your hospital or health system pharmacy.


Improve efficiency with our Patient Assistance Program (PAP) recovery services

PAP Recovery

Securing PAP aid can be extremely challenging for hospital and health system pharmacies. We help health systems successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities by providing recovery services from start to finish.

Revenue Recovery

We can also help you identify hidden revenue and develop a customized action plan to improve cash collections. Our approach works. One large health system in Virginia collected an additional $1.63M in revenue in less than a year after uncovering issues such as incorrect charge amounts and incorrect codes. In New Jersey, an academic health system saw an additional $1.72M in revenue in the first 18 months of working with us. There, NDC coding issues accounted for over $1.5M in hidden revenue.*

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Make our PAP recovery services part of your team

Our comprehensive and collaborative team approach to streamlining the hospital pharmacy PAP Recovery process include:

  • Increased patient enrollment and drug replacements
  • Reduced strain on hospital staff resources to free up time to meet patient needs
  • Back office administrative support
  • On-site/field representatives as necessary
  • PAP and regulatory compliance
  • Identification of eligible patients
  • Enrollment completion and verification
  • Product recovery facilitation
  • Remote business analysts
  • Client service professionals

Discover the path to hidden revenue with industry-leading benefits

As an industry leader, we offer the following benefits to program participants:

  • Up to 3-5x additional vendor recoveries*
  • No upfront or implementation fees
  • 1-4% of your annual drug spend* recouped

Our approach to revenue recovery management:

  • A customized action plan to improve cash collections
  • Analysis of drug reimbursement by payer and gap analysis in payments
  • Payer claim reviews
  • Validated findings to assist in claim reprocessing and reimbursement collection
  • Real-time feedback to track and monitor performance through web portals and reports
  • Additional reimbursement opportunities identified on a go-forward basis
  • Resolution of underlying issues to improve accuracy

* These numbers are based on previous customer results. These results depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each business. There is no guarantee that your results will be similar.

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